A Bridge Crane is an Overhead Crane that runs on an elevated track above the factory floor.  Bridge Cranes offer hook movement in 3 axis, (X, Y and Z).

Bridge Cranes are available in Underhung and Top Riding Designs with Single or Double Girder Configurations.

Top Riding Cranes ride upon a ASCE rail which is installed on top of Runway Beams.

Underhung Cranes hang from the bottom flange of the Runway Beam.

Ace Crane offers a Full Line of Standard and Custom Designed Cranes to meet almost any specification.

Ace Crane specializes in Turnkey Crane Projects including Consulting, Engineering, Design, Permitting, Fabrication,Installation, Start-up and Operator Training.

Top Riding Single Girder Capacities to 15 Ton Spans to 65 feet. Lift Heights to 256 feet

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