Electronic Cable

สายไฟแบน(Flat cable)

Electronic components must perform in difficult environments, locations and conditions. Flat cable is often the best, and sometime the only choice for electrical interconnections in many demanding environments because it is lighter, thinner, more flexible, and has a longer flex life than other cable types.

สายไฟกลม(Round cable)

Extra flexible coated copper conductors, 90° C heat resistant EPDM insulation, nylon reinforcing mesh separator over conductors, thermosetting jacket.

สายไฟคอนโทรลแบบมีสลิง(Control crane cable)

This whopping 43″ Giant Cable Control Crane will satisfy even the most demanding construction worker in your house! Whatever you need to lift – toy cars, rocks, toy dinosaurs – this real working crane will do it for you! Giant Cable Control Crane can rotate 360 degrees and has realistic lights and sound for hours and hours of fun, imaginative play. Move the crane into place, use the functional hook and loading basket to secure your cargo, and hoist and move it where it needs to go! Children will…

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